Thursday, September 20, 2012

Leadership Pre Conference-True Woman '12

I'm Here!!  Leadership Pre-Conference is about to begin!   Eight hundred women from all over the country have registered and checked in for an interactive workshop specifically designed for women in women's ministry.  I am so humbled to be here and be a part.  This year's focus is on Women Helping Women.  It's amazing to me that these opportunities exist to deepen my love of the Lord and passion for ministering to women.

As I type Nancy Leigh DeMoss has stepped onto the stage to welcome this delegate...and would you believe there are women here from as far away as SWITZERLAND!  WOAH!

Okay, as excited as I am to share, I am more thrilled to participate!  So, if you haven't registered to LIVE STREAM, the click on my link in the sidebar and jump on here later to comment with me!

Hello, Nancy!

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